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Ethics Board

The Board of Ethics meets as needed to discuss complaints and requests for Investigations and Advisory Opinions

Purpose of the Ethics Board

  • Prescribe and promulgate rules and regulations governing its own internal organization and procedures in a manner not inconsistent with the Milton Code of Ethics or any state or federal law 
  • Review lists of municipal officials and disclosure statements pursuant to the Milton Code of Ethics 
  • Conduct investigations and hearings, issue advisory opinions, and recommend disciplinary action and initiate appropriate actions and proceedings pursuant to the Milton Code of Ethics 
  • Provide ethics training and education to Town officers and employees on the provisions of the Milton Code of Ethics and Article 18 of the General Municipal Law 

Board Members

The Board of Ethics consists of five members appointed and approved by a minimum of four members of the Town Board

  • Brenda Baird, Member 
  • Lisamarie Dapper, Member
  • Jeffrey Serven, Member