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welcome 500

Business Directory

 Animal Services

Ballston Spa Veternary Clinic

Eric Anderson DVM
365 Route 50
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5650
Email: vet@ballstonspavet.com
Website: www.ballstonspavet.com


Cole's Collision Center

John Cole
2026 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1338
Fax: (518) 885-8920
Email: jcole@colescollision.com
Website: www.colescollision.com

Jim's Service Center

William Mohr
197 Church Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6671

Banking & Financial

Sunmark Federal Credit Union

Alicia Delafrange
202 Northline Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0967
Email: adelafrange@sunmarkfcu.org
Website: www.sunmarkfcu.org


Edward Jones Investments

Dominic Garrant
20 Prospect Street, Suite 101
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-2773
Email: dominic.garrant@edwardjones.com
Website: www.edwardjones.com

The Adirondack Trust Company

Milton Office
Rose Antolick
162 Northline Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-4922
Website: www.adirondacktrust.com


The Adirondack Trust Company

Brian Charbonneau
224 Church Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-7317
Email: bcharbonneau@adirondacktrust.com
Website: www.adirondacktrust.com

Ballston Spa National Bank

Brendan Regan
87 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 363-8150
Website: www.bsnb.com

First Niagra Bank

Eric Navarra
2031 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-2535
Email: eric.navarra@fnfg.com
Website: www.fnfg.com

Trustco Bank

Katie Stone
235 Church Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1561
Email: kstone@branch.trustcobank.com
Website: www.trustcobank.com

Canty Financial Management, Inc.

Bill Canty
20 Church Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Email: bcanty1@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.cantyfinancial.com


Education & Schools

Ballston Spa Central Schools

Stuart Williams
70 Malta Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-7195
Fax: (518) 884-7101
Email: swilliams@bscsd.org
Website: www.bscsd.org

Spa Christian School

Jennie E. MacDonald
206 Greenfield Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0508
Email: spachristian@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.spachristian.com

St. Mary's School

Lynn Fitzgerald, Principal
40 Thompson Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7300
Email: principal@smsbspa.org
Website: www.smsbspa.org

Malta Avenue PTA

Kelly Pilkey
Malta Avenue Elementary School
70 Malta Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-7250

Ballston Spa Education Foundation

Laurie Sickles, Chair
P.O. Box 276
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-7195 Ext 402
Email: info@ballstonspaeducationfoundation.com
Website: www.ballstonspaeducationfoundation.com

Saratoga County Agricultural Society & Saratoga County Fair

Jeff Townsend
Saratoga County Fairgrounds
162 Prospect Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-9701
Email: info@saratogacountyfair.org
Website: www.saratogacountyfair.org

Ballston Area Community Center

Kathi Leigh
20 Malta Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-3261
Website: www.ballstonareacc.org

Food, Restaurants & Grocery

The Whitehouse Restaurant & Bar

David & Karen Fabian
93-95 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6797
Email: kfabian@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.whitehouseNY.com

Iron Roost

Linnaea DiNallo
36 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-3535
Email: info@ironroost.com
Website: www.ironroost.com

Coffee Planet, Inc.

Clifford Baum
100 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-9913
Email: info@thecoffeeplanet.net
Website: www.coffeeplanet.com

Russell's Deli

Russell & Judy Shapiro
303 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-8346
Email: russellsdeli@verizon.net
Website: www.russellsdeli.com

Midtown Wine & Spirits Shop

Jim & Patricia Dorey
77 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone:(518) 884-8346

Front Street Deli

Matt Hall & Chris Figner
39 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-0456
Email: frontstreetdeli@yahoo.com
Website: www.theFSdeli.com

The Whistling Kettle, Inc.

Kevin & Meahgan Borowsky
24 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone:(518) 884-2664
Email: kevin@thewhistlingkettle.com
Website: www.thewhistlingkettle.com


Carla Kuchar
3 Science Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 763-3500
Email: carla@zestcooks.com
Website: www.zestcooks.com

Good Morning Café

Nancy Holzman
2100 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-3359
Email: bfastballston@gmail.com
Website: www.goodmorningbreakfast.com

Pizza Works

Ed Rovetto
54 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0669
Email: erovetto@rovettodesigngroup.com
Website: www.pizzaworks.org

D-Line Pub

Lawrence Weaver
15 Prospect Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6861
Email: sports@dlinepub.com
Website: www.dlinepub.com

Three Olives Restaurant

Nick Renda
2100 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 490-2093
Email: nickr007@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.threeolivesonline.com

The Lunch Brake

Kiersten Houck
Set Up at 11 Bath Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 227-9965
Email: thelunchbrake@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/thelunchbrakeNY

Bully Dogs Hot Dogs

Joe Meunier
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 858-3901
Email: bullydogshotdogs@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bullydogshotdogs.com

Great Bay Clam Company

Ralph & Eileen Melo
2149 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0583
Email: rmelo@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.greatbayseafood.com

Fifty South

Kim Klopstock
2128 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-2926
Email: info@fiftysouth.com
Website: www.fiftysouth.com

The Brickyard Tavern

Ron Manna
70-72 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-2570

Augie's Family Style Italian Restaurant

Augie Vitiello
17 Low Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-8600
Email: hello@augiesrestaurant.com
Website: www.augiesrestaurant.com

Next Door Kitchen & Bar

Matthew Hall & Christian Fignar
51 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-3249
Email: info@eatdinnernextdoor.com
Website: www.eatdinnernextdoor.com

Kona Ice Capital District

Glen & Kathy Greco
2117 Rowley Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5600
Email: ggreco@kona-ice.com
Website: www.kona-ice.com

Wild Thyme & Apothecary & Herbal Supplies

Maureen Robinson
108 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7275
Website: www.wildthymeherb.com



Health Care


Gary Guilfoyle

18 Pleasant Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0025
Email: gills@verizon.net


Regional Therapy Center of Saratoga Hospital

Ann Marie Moskal
510 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 583-8383
Email: amoskal@saratogacare.org

LaMarco Physical Therapy, PC

James Markwica, PT
417 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 587-3256
Email: jmarkwica@hotmail.com
Website: www.lamarcopt.com

Physical Therapy Associates of Schenectady

Teresa Lincoln
220 Church Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1541
Fax: (518) 885-1651
Email: ptballstonspa@aol.com
Website: www.physicaltherapyschdy.com


Gateway House of Peace

Joni Hanchett
479 Rowland Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 654-5403
Email: info@gatewayhouseofpeace.org
Website: www.gatewayhouseofpeace.org


Ballston Chiropractic Office

Dr. Robert Block
76 Greenfield Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5544

Dental Care

Daniello Orthodontics

Ralph V. Daniello DDS
20 Prospect Street, Suite 204
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-2511
Email: info@donielloortho.com
Website: www.danielloortho.com

Burlingame Orthodontics

Michelle L. Burlingame, D.M.D., M.S.
220 Church Avenue, Suite 2
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-9473
Email: info@burlingameBraces.com
Website: www.BurlingameBraces.com


Community Emergency Corps.

Ray Otten
78 Thompson Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1478
Fax: (518) 885-8294
Email: ray.otten@communityemergencycorps.org
Website: www.communityemergencycorps.org


Home Improvement/Decorating

Cecile Window Couture, Ltd.

Cecile Picard Sweeney
79 C Bath Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7713
Email: cecilepicard1@yahoo.com

Front Street Home

Edmond F. DeRocker
6 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6555
Fax: (518) 885-6752
Email: frontstreethomegoods@gmail.com
Website: www.frontstreethomedesign.com

Victoria's Corner

Vicki Ure
252 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 338-5550
Email: ydc252@gmail.com
Facebook: VictoriasCornerNY

Ballston Spa Antique Center

Brent E. Millington
217-219 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6746
Website: www.ballstonspaantiquecenter.com

C'est La Vie

Erin Patten
114 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-4141
Email: cestlavie_shop@yahoo.com
Website: www.cestlavieshop.net

The Drapery Workroom

Linda Wood
223 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 363-0681
Email: thedraperyworkroom@nycap.rr.com

Sherman Tile Associated

Nancy Sherman
1118 Middline Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5660
Email: nancys@shermantile.com
Website: www.shermantile.com

Rovetto Design Group

Ed Rovetto
62 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 884-8450
Email: erovetto@rovettodesigngroup.com
Website: www.rovettodesigngroup.com


John Boyle
62 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-4260
Fax: (518) 309-4261
Email: jboyle@ecofinishes.com
Website: www.ecofinishes.com

Lawn Care & Supply Saratoga Organics & Hydroponic Supply

Chris Estrada
19 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-2005
Toll Free: 1-800-850-GROW (4769)
Email: info@saratogaorganics.com
Website: www.saratogaorganics.com

Absolute Hydroseeding

Robert Mink
341B Saratoga Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 256-7041

 Insurance & Accounting

Sherry Hoffman Insurance/State Farm

Sherry Hoffman
418 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 580-1181
Email: sherry@sherryhoffmaninsurance.com
Website: www.sherryhoffmaninsurance.com

Streever Agency, Inc. & Richard Connors General Insurance

Richard J. Connors & Jason R. Connors
84 Milton Avenue 
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6777
Fax: (518) 885-8250
Email: jason4insurance@gmail.com
Website: www.connorsandstreeverinsurance.com

Castle & McLennan Insurance

Rick Schrade
48 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5858
Email: rickschrade@gmail.com
Website: www.castlemclennan.com

Sutton & Tarantino Insurance Agency Inc.

Rod Sutton
441 Geyser Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-2071
Email: info@suttoninsuranceagency.com
Website: www.suttoninsuranceagency.com

State Farm Insurance - Lefebvre

Nancy Lefebvre, Agent
2031 Doubleday Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1877
Email: nancy@nancylefebvre.com
Website: www.nancylefebvre.com

Kathleen D. Kalwa, CPA

Kathleen Kalwa
17 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-2613


The Ballston Journal Online

Angela McFarland
P.O. Box 319
Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5238
Email: info@theballstonjournal.com
Website: http://theballstonjournal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BallstonJournalOnline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ballstonjournal



Brookside Museum & Saratoga County Historical Society

Gayle King, Interm Administrator
6 Charlton Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-4000
Email: info@brooksidemuseum.org
Website: www.brooksidemuseum.org

National Bottle Museum

Gary Moeller
76 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7589
Email: nbm@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.nationalbottlemuseum.org



Senior Services

Wesley Evergreen Adult Day Services

Diana Martin
357 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 691-1443
Email: dmartin@wesleyhealth.com
Website: www.thewesleycommunity.org

Ballston Area Seniors

Neil Kennedy Milton Community Center
310 Northline Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0740
*Thursday's ONLY


Professional Services

Event Planning 

Usborne Books & More

Charlene Dubuque, Educational Consultant
309 Greenfield Ave #11
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 683-6387
Email: charlenedubuque@gmail.com
Website: http://w3457.myubam.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/readingwithcharlene


Village Photo, LLC.

Donna & Pete Martin
104 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0396
Email: donna@villagephotollc.com
Website: www.villagephotollc.com

Captured Light Photograph

Eric Seplowitz
20 Washington Street, Studio 2
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1358
Email: eric@caputredlightphotography.com

Printing & Graphics

North Country Printing & Graphics

Tom Ball
198 Church Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-3880
Email: info@northcountryprinting.com
Website: www.northcountryprinting.com


T-Shirt Graphics

Dennis Albright
12 Grove Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7991
Email: dennis@t‐shirtgraphics.com
Website: www.t-shirtgraphics.com

Funeral Homes

Armer Funeral Home, Inc.

Harry Armer
39 East High Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6181
Website: www.armerfuneralhome.com


Mevec Funeral Home

224 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7110
Website: www.mevecfuneralhome.com


James A. Fauci Attorney at Law PLLC

30 Remsen Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5011
Fax: (518) 885-5298
Email: jim@ballstonlaw.com
Website: www.ballstonlaw.com

John J. Cromie Attorney at Law

132 Bath Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-8451
Email: johncromie1@gmail.com

Rosch & Conners, Attorneys

Steve Conners
20 Church Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5359

Salerno Law, PC

Kimberly Salerno
199 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 309-3404
Email: kim@salernolawny.com
Website: www.salernolawny.com

Law Office of Julie A. Gazetos

Julie A. Gazetos
12 Chapman Street, #3
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 636-6888
Email: julie@gazetoslaw.com
Website: www.gazetoslaw.com



Real Estate & Construction

Rentals/ Leasing Winners Circle at 
Saratoga by Malta Development Co., Inc.

Tom Samascott
100 Madison Drive, Suite 1
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6420
Email: maltadev1@maltadevelopment.com
Website: www.winnerscirclesaratoga.com

Mohican Hill Apartments

Frank & Rose Rossi
1 Constitution Court
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-4232

WAM Commercial Associates, LLC

James 'Jim' F. Dalpe
27 Kent Street Suite 101
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-3064
Cell: (518) 791-0545
Email: jim@wamcomm.com
Website: www.wamcomm.com

Heritage Family Construction, LLC

Randy Heritage
2022 Barrett Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 588-0534
Email: randy.heritagefamily@aol.com

George T. Farnum, Architect

George 'Tim' Farnum
78 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-1705

Zimmer Construction

Peter Zimmer
P.O.Box 182
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5509
Email: zimmerconst@yahoo.com

IQ Contracting

Patrick Coffey
208 Northline Road
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 937-8902
Email: IQ.contracting1@gmail.com

PR Real Estate

Trish Roberts
537 Leahy Lane
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 577-9121
Email: trobert2@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.pr-realestate.info

Spring City Realty

John D. Hearn
51 Kent Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-0740
Fax: (518) 885-1534
Website: www.springcityrealty.com

Saratoga Real Property

Rory O'Connor
199 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 857-6400
Email: rory@saratogarealproperty.com
Website: www.saratogarealproperty.com

Elliot Property Services, LLC

Kelly Delaney-Elliot
30-32 Front Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7277
Email: info@elliottps.com
Website: www.elliottps.com

Sircle Home Inspections

Spencer Tacy
518 Saratoga Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 522-8117
Email: sircle@nycap.rr.com
Website: www.sirclehomeinspections.com 


Ballston Spa United Methodist Church

101 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-6886
Email: bsumc@albany.twcbc.com
Website: www.ballstonspaumchurch.org

Hope Church P.C.A.

Rae Whitehead
206 Greenfield Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-7442
Email: info@hopechurch.us
Website: www.hopechurch.us

Ballston Spa Gnosis Center

Robert and Donna Marino
25 Bath Street #1 
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 288-8202
Email: ballstonspa@gnosisny.org
Website: www.gnosisny.org

First Presbyterian Church

Pastor David Bennett
22 West High Street
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
Phone: (518) 885-5583
Email: pastor@ballstonpresby.org
Website: www.ballstonpresby.org

First Baptist Church of Ballston Spa

202 Milton Avenue
Ballston Spa, New York 12020
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Town History

The Town of Milton, along with much of Saratoga County, was a part of the Kayaderosseras Patent, granted by the English in 1708 to Samson S. Broughton, Attorney General of New York, and 12 associates. Earlier, all of these lands had been a part of Albany County, established is the mid-1600’s and extending all the way to the Canadian border. It was in the 1770’s that the area of Albany County was divided into Districts of Saratoga, Halfmoon, and Balls Town. These areas plus Stillwater became Towns of Albany County in 1788. Finally, in 1791 Saratoga County was created by the NYS Legislature by setting off the Towns of Saratoga, Halfmoon, Ballston and Stillwater from Albany County. Then, in 1792 the Towns of Milton, Charlton, and Galway were established from portions of Ballston. The Town of Milton was established by Act of the NYS Legislature on March 7, 1792. By 1828 other divisions of lands within Saratoga County resulted in the towns as they exist today.

The boundaries of the Town of Milton’s 22,000+ acres form nearly a perfect square just to the southwest of the geographic center of Saratoga County. Along with the Kayaderosseras Creek intersecting Milton from Northwest to Southeast, the Town was also crossed by Native American trails used by these people to hunt and fish in the rich lands of the "Crooked Stream." These trails became the footpaths and horse/oxen wagon trails that brought settlers to the area after the boundaries of the Kayaderosseras Patent were finally surveyed and established. It is generally agreed that the first settlers in what is now the Town of Milton were the David Wood family, coming about 1772, some twenty years prior to the establishment of the Town. Most probably the Wood family came by way of the north-south native trail that was to become Middle Line Road, homesteading just a bit to the west of the trail and the area that became known as Milton Hill, a designation still referred to today.

Settlement continued with homesteads, communities, saw and grist mills, and blacksmith shops established in this area of fertile lands, abundant forests, and plentiful water supplies and water power along the Kayaderosseras and the Glowegee, Gordon and Rowland’s Hollow Creeks. These pioneers were largely self-sufficient farming families who quickly established their churches and erected houses of worship, Old Stone Church being one of the earliest. The whole area became known as Mill Town and in 1792 was established as Milton. Soon thereafter Milton Hill supported two churches and a store and was considered the center of the Town. It is believed that early town meetings were held in one of the churches here.

In the early 1800’s Milton was establishing a system of district grade schools as required by law, and in 1812 the Milton Union School, including higher grades, was located in Ballston Spa. About 1870 the Union Free School District #1 of Milton was incorporated by Legislative Act. Nearly a hundred years later, in 1952 the schools became part of the Ballston Spa Central School District, encompassing much of the towns of Malta, Milton, Ballston, and the Village of Ballston Spa.

By the mid-1800’s industrial entrepreneurs had established mills along the Kayaderosseras Creek and its tributaries all the way through Milton and the Village. Chief among these were the paper mills; but there were also cotton mills, foundries, tanneries and leather factories, wheel shops, lumber and cabinetry mills, and limestone quarries and kilns in addition to the saw mills, grist mills, and blacksmith shops established when the settlers first came. Communities, including Rock City Falls, West Milton, Milton Center, Craneville, Factory Village, Bloodville, and Rowland’s hollow, were clustered in the mill areas where churches, schools, stores, hotels and boarding houses were established. Family dairy farms and orchards dotted the landscape surrounding these settlements. Transportation continued to be by foot, horseback, and carriage or wagon over dirt roads until 1896 when the mills and communities along the Kayaderosseras were joined by an electric railway running from Ballston Spa to Middle Grove to provide both freight and passenger service that connected to other rail lines in the Village of Ballston Spa.

During the first quarter of the 20th century mills were closing and/or moving for various reasons. Likewise, the electric railway, the "PP & J" or Push, Pull, and Jerk as it was called by the school children riding from the country to attend high school in the Village, had to close operations in 1928. In this same time period auto and truck production was advancing and improved roads and highways were developing. Thus, we first began to see the transformation of early settlements to predominately residential areas with workers able to commute to employment, especially the industries of Schenectady where factory skills could be utilized. As we enter the 21st century, only the Cottrell Paper Company in Rock City Falls is a manufacturing enterprise operating at an early mill site.

In 1948 major change happened in West Milton when the Site for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program/Kesselring Site was established to test nuclear propulsion plants and train Navy personnel as operators of nuclear-powered vessels. While this necessitated the relocation of the farm families that had long been on those 1433 acres of Milton, the Site has been a major employer of local as well as out-of-town personnel. Changes throughout the world are leading to changes at the Site and the Town of Milton maintains an active and continuing concern regarding changes there.

Throughout the last part of the 1900’s residential development and small to moderate-size retail, professional, and service business has taken place in the eastern areas of the Town. Many residents now commute to employment throughout the Capital District, including State government agencies as well as educational institutions and businesses there. Saratoga County government offices and services are also a major employer of Milton residents.

Milton is concerned to continue to provide services to its residents, examples being well-maintained roads, an enlarged Town Park, Summer Youth Recreation Program, and Community Center. The Town also looks to continued cooperative efforts with the Village of Ballston Spa through shared services and programs such as Woods Hollow Nature Preserve, Senior housing, Family Fun Day.

An approved Comprehensive Master Plan is taking Milton into the 21st century with vision that provides for planned growth while preserving rural and recreation areas throughout the town and along our historically significant Kayaderosseras "Old Mill Stream."


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